Ringtone Composer

Ringtone Composer

Compose new ringtones for your mobile phone

Ringtone Composer is a tool that converts MIDI files, RTTTL or melodies composed by you to a mobile telephone ringtone or part of a music file into a mobile telephone ringer .

You can write very complex music in Ringtone Composer and convert it to a ringtone.
t can export 2 types of ring tone formats: key-press sequence ring tone, RTTTL ring tone. You can key-in the key-press sequence or send RTTTL ring tone to your phone via SMS (Short Message Service). No cable or infrared interface is needed.

Composer for Ringtone display MIDI files or your melodies in numbered musical notations more convenience for your editing . You do not have to use other software to pull apart the mixed channels in a MIDI file, because Composer for Ringtone do it for you. You can freely modify the imported score (insert,delete,change, intercepts a part of score....) and listen to what you have created before exporting to ring tone formats.

It supports all mobile phone brands available including:
Nokia, Ericsson, Motorola, Sony, Siemens, Panasonic, Samsung, Alcatel, Sendo, Sagem (only for ringtone via sms), all phones that support EMS(Enhanced Messaging Service.

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Ringtone Composer


Ringtone Composer